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How to add zoom link to blackboard. University IT

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Hover over + in the navigation menu and choose Tool Link. Complete the Tool Link options: Name: Enter the title you would like displayed for the Zoom link in your course navigation. Type: Select Zoom Meeting.

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Make Zoom Available. Linking to Zoom within your Course. Multiple Instructors in Blackboard. If there are multiple instructors teaching a course in Blackboard that need to be able to host Zoom sessions, the initial instructor will need to add the others as alternative hosts to the session.

Type in the email addresses of the other instructors that will need hosting capabilities in this course. Please make sure to use the email address associated with their Zoom and Blackboard accounts. Then click Save. Join before host can be set by default at the individual meeting level. This is done in the settings for the meeting available when you click on the meeting name. Then click Edit. Currently persons with the roles of Teaching Assistant or Course Builder do not have access to Zoom sessions from the links within Blackboard.

If you have a TA or Course Builder that needs to have access, you can provide them with access through the associated session id. This is permanent and can be used outside of Blackboard for access.

Click on Meetings. Then click on Previous Meetings. You should see a list of your meetings, including ones associated with your courses. The meeting id is the 9 digit number to the right of the meeting topic. Creating and Sharing Recordings. The HOST is able to control recording of sessions. By default, only the host can record a session, however the host has the option of allowing specific users the ability to record.

Instead, upload them into Panopto for streaming options and link it into your course.. Adding large video files directly in your course can cause issues for student playback as well as cause your course to become too large for future management. For information on uploading a video to Panopto for streaming see Panopto Tutorials. Blackboard Course Copy. If you are making a copy of a Blackboard course that contains Zoom links, please review the information located here to make sure that your new course has appropriate access.

Accessibility Statement. There are two ways to add Zoom into your course: 1. From the list of available tools, choose Zoom Meeting. Content Link within a content area : Within your content area folder , select Tools.

Choose More Tools, and then choose Zoom Meeting. You should see a list of meetings, which should include the meeting associated with your course. Click on the link for the meeting associated with your course. On the next screen, click Edit. Scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced Options.


Adding Zoom to Blackboard : TechWeb : Boston University – How to integrate Zoom within your Blackboard Course

Adding ZOOM to Your Course in Blackboard.) Open the course where you would like to add Zoom.) Hover over the + sign at the top left corner of the course menu and choose Tool Link.) Complete the Tool Link Options. Name: Enter the title you would like displayed for the Zoom link in your course. May 28,  · Step 1: Linking Zoom to Blackboard In your course, click the + icon in the top of your left course menu. Click Tool Link. Name the Zoom link what you want to call it, ex. Zoom. In the drop down menu, select Zoom Meeting. Check the box that says Available to Users. Note, if you do not check this box. Mar 17,  · Navigate to your course in Blackboard. Click on the add menu item button on the course menu. Enter a name for the link, such as Zoom Meetings or Class Meetings and click on the checkbox for available to users. Select Zoom Meetings from the list of available tool types. The menu will now show the new link.


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