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The R16 functions as an audio interface enabling direct input of sound to a computer.


Zoom r16 review –


Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom. DAW systems are good but you don’t always have a computer by when you zoom r16 review the rush to record music. Mini studios were created for that purpose: they are practical solutions but not very comprehensive nor ergonomic. That’s why Zoom launched the R16, an hybrid tool you can use as zoom r16 review audio interface, controller and zoom r16 review mini studio.

Let’s take a look at the result The first impression is good. The white and gray finish provide it a sleek look and zoom r16 review plastic seems sturdy. Its lightness is surprising. This compact revifw has nine faders but is slim revew to fit in any backpack. It reminds me a lot zoom r16 review digital integrated studios from Tascam, Roland, Korg, or… Zoom! Do watch out for the faders because they get loose pretty easily. You can also use six AA batteries for 4.

When the R16 is used as a standalone recorder all xoom is saved in the SD card. This option comes in very handy when you want to источник статьи the master file to the musicians at the end of the recording session without turning on your computer.

The display is placed above the transport keys. The R16 makes you feel like your going back in time to the frugality of old-time interfaces. You can also format the card and check how much free space is available on it. Each track has its own pan control, 3-band EQ and phase inverter, as well as a stereo-link function to record two signal sources creating a stereo file.

The reverb effect provides four algorithms hall, room, spring and plate with parameters like pre-delay, decay, EQ high, EQ low, etc. The other effect allows you to add a delay or chorus to each track. Parameter zoom r16 review are standard: depth, rate, pre-delay, etc.

The insert FX list is very long and it comes with plenty of presets. In short everything a 6, 5 and rwview enthusiast would need. It comes with Mac and Windows compatible drivers and the firmware zoom r16 review be zoom r16 review via USB so you can assign the eight tracks directly to your favorite sequencer or to the Cubase LE4 provided and route two master returns zoom r16 review the R16 to feed your monitors. The digital audio interface mode of the R16 is very practical and really stunning considering the price of the product.

But the most surprising feature is that you can use the R16 as a Zopm controller too, allowing you to use its transport buttons and unmotorized faders to control your sequencer via a Mackie Control emulation. Does it work? Is it that bad? With Cubase LE4 provided zoom r16 review the R16the control surface configuration mentions a shift button we never found. Finally, we want to point out that track gain controls have no MIDI function, i.

In short, this MIDI mode is a great asset but it should be improved with a more logic design and with more information in the user documentation. We tested the читать статью preamps with a DPA and it turned out to be a very demanding mic for the preamp. In other words: there was zoom r16 review miracle, we had to turn the gain nearly to the max and the noise increased proportionally and fast. Watch out for handling noise when the integrated mics are active, the mechanical noise of the buttons can be clearly audible!

You will be able to record demos zoom r16 review and easy, which is the R16’s main function. Effects are plentiful and effective zoom r16 review amp modelings lag behind the quality of Line6; zoom r16 review get zoom r16 review Zoom sound. EQs are decent and work fine. Should i buy amd zacks strikes a decisive blow offering hybrid technology at a very affordable price. Surely many musicians looking for a portable track recorder, an audio interface and zoom r16 review MIDI controller zoom r16 review enjoy zoom r16 review R Nevertheless, we wish it had more headphones or line zoom r16 review because It is impossible to provide different monitor mixes to several musicians, forcing you to buy an additional headphone amplifier.

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Add this product to Mon ancien matos My current gear My wishlist. Zoom R Product presentation Description. Reviews 34 reivew Price engine 2 2. Classified Ads. Forums 2 2. Review 1 1. News 1 1. Overview [ hide ]. The R16 seeks to reconcile two zoom r16 review worlds: DAW fans who are willing to bear bugs and system crashes to get the utmost versatility and ease of use computer systems provide, and mini studio fans who enjoy integrated, подробнее на этой странице and compact systems at the cost of ease /21969.txt use and expandability.

The interface includes eight mic preamps so you can connect up to eight mics. Nevertheless, only inputs 5 and 6 provide phantom power for condenser mics and input 1 is the only one that accepts high-impedance signals, so you should connect guitars and basses to it. The interface is equipped with two mics same model as on the Zoom H2 r116 signal you zoom r16 review route to inputs 7 and 8.

Simple and effective. Each track has its own unmotorized fader, four-segment level meter, gain control, and peak LED for input signal overloading. The metronome signal can be routed to the headphones or to the zoom r16 review and monitor outputs. With the small jog wheel you can set the value of parameters in the different revies, while the buttons to its left are meant to allow you to browse through the menus and sub-menus.

This function might turn crucial sooner than you think! Bounce mode allows you to make the zoomm mixdown on the stereo master track or bounce several tracks into one track, like in the подробнее на этой странице old days. In this mode, you can decide if the target track is included in the bounce or not… Clever.

The Project button allows you to manage data create, load, copy, delete, rename, or protect projects and audio tracks. It seems to be quite exhaustive and apparently no function is missing. The R16 also offers numerous insert effects to, as the name implies, insert them in the tracks, but you can also place them directly after the input stage so взято отсюда can record processed signals like a guitar processed with a distortion effect, for example.

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– ZOOM R16 Recorder: Interface: Controller – Beggs Musicworks


This website is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. If you are looking for an interface that records the sound at very high quality at a fair price, the Zoom R16 is what you are looking for. The huge asset that this interface comes with is that it supports an internal SDHC that can go up to 32 GB on which you can store the recording.

Why is this an asset? Well, imagine that you are recording a track on your computer. You have a fan working, the storing part of the computer might have vibrations, and all these inconveniences are recorded as sound. If you want to produce great sound, you might have a little problem with these unwanted noises. The SD in the Zoom R16 does not have any vibrations, it is very stable and the interface does not make any additional sounds that can interfere with your recording.

The fact that it even has an SD is great because you can take it anywhere and record high-quality sound without having to take your computer with you.

Many products that have similar recording features do not have any internal storage options, this is why the Zoom R16 makes such a big difference in terms of sound.

It is not the best sound quality, as you can imagine, but considering the price that this interface comes at, it can fairly compete with the pricier ones. Buy from Amazon. The main drawback that this interface has is that it has a phantom power button on only two channels which means that you will be able to use only two condenser microphones. This might not be a problem for some users, it all depends on how you use it. However, for people who want to use more condenser microphones to enhance their input sound, this is a minus.

The ideal interface would have a phantom button for every channel because a condenser mic has to draw power from the interface and the phantom button power allows it to do so. However, you can still add a device that has a phantom button to enhance sound quality for the other channels as well, just keep in mind that if you need this feature, you have to add it.

As a musician, you know that owning the right tools is important and an option is to have every tool separately in order to provide high quality. However, having many options inside one gadget is also essential especially if you have to use it for different purposes and in different environments.

The Zoom R16 Interface offers you the possibility of using it as a recorder, as a controller, and as an interface. This means that it has all the features to allow you to perform all of these three actions at a high-quality level without the need of taking all your tools with you every time you want to record your rehearsals, for example. Pretty amazing, right? You will be able to use it for rehearsals and for live performances in a small club. Additionally, you will be able to record tracks and we are going to talk about that later on, but the important thing is that after that you can even mix the track you have recorded.

So the sequence can go like this: you have an idea and you record the demo using the inbuilt mics. You play with it and you meet the band and brainstorm on how you want the song to be, recording your ideas.

Maybe you even start mixing. After that, when you play the song live, you can use the same interface and we are going to later talk about how it can help you. So, there you have it, the perfect flow using just one interface. Even though the name, Zoom R16, lets you know that the interface provides 16 channels for playback, for recording it provides only 8.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because, usually, that is all you need for recording a decent track. Even if you want to record drums using microphones, a drum requires a minimum of 8 microphones, so the interface covers it.

A great feature that this product has is that you can buy 2 of them and sync them to record up to 16 channels simultaneously. Also, the first channel is designed with a Hi-Z switch on channel 1 which is great for guitars, especially acoustic ones. The great thing about the input sockets is that they support both XLR and TRS, which is great if you think of versatility. The phantom power is available only on channels 5 and 6, which limits the quality of the sound you want to record.

However, there are musicians who rely on the high quality of condenser mics only for the voice input, so 2 can be enough. It also has two incorporated mics which are positioned on the left and on the right of the interface so that you can also record stereo sound. Their quality is not so great but you can always record an idea of a song very quickly without having to plug in a mic and it can also record acoustic instruments.

It has an incorporated metronome, but the downside to it is that it can only be outputted through the headphone output, which is only one. If you want to record your band and all of you need a metronome, this is a little bit limiting. The manufacturers are very proud of the fact that they have managed to incorporate this feature into this interface.

This is actually a big thing because there are not many products on the market that have the option of recording, mixing, and adding effects. Actually, this was, at some point, the first product designed to do all these things. However, most musicians will not use this interface for mixing because it only has 16 channels.

This might seem like a lot, but there is computer software that can mix up to channels, so 16 channels are a little bit limiting and you are not able to do much with only 16 channels. That is if you want to produce really complex tracks. The small LCD screen is also an impediment and for people who have used a mixing computer software before it might seem like having to light a fire using rocks instead of lighting it up with matches.

The recording part, on the other hand, is great and comes with great quality. However, if you decide to use the mixing feature just to play around and make a draft of your idea, this feature comes in pretty handy especially if you want to record your band and try a little bit of brainstorming on how your final track should sound like. It is also useful for people who have never mixed before to learn the basics. The package also includes Cubase, and for those of you who have never heard of Cubase, you would know that it is a widely used DAW that comes in really handy in combination with the Zoom R It can take your mixing to another level and, combined with the accurate recording offered by this interface, you will be able to produce high-quality music.

As you know, the drummer is the one who keeps the tempo, and drummers have to practice a lot in order to be able to have a high-quality performance. When they practice it is really easy for them to listen to the track in their headphones.

They can also use this feature instead of the metronome in the studio or in live performances. It is very useful for songs that change their BPM somewhere in the middle because it is sometimes hard for drummers to keep up with it just by using a metronome. The Zoom R16 can also be used by drummers before studio recordings to practice in advance.

You might want to record tracks at a lower BPM in order to perform this action more accurately and then increase the tempo to the speed you want. It is a very helpful tool for recording your rehearsals and analyzing them afterward. If you want to improve your performance it is important to analyze the recordings at a lower speed and spot mistakes. Reducing or enhancing speed is also useful if you want to analyze how the effects work. If you feel that something does not sound well, you can always decrease the tempo and see where the problem is.

This feature will help a lot in terms of how you can improve and analyze your work effectively. Tania is a full-time writer with a penchant for music, books, and outdoors.

She describes herself as breathing music, so she writes about it, musical instruments and accessories included. She hopes that her posts will help you discover your passion for music and the products you need to explore it beautifully. Main advantage Main disadvantage Main features explained. Leave a comment. Post Comment.


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