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You must first sign into your Zoom account in order to host your first meeting. Click on Meetings. The Zoom client will automatically begin setting up the meeting once you click Start next to the meeting you wish to start.

Users who are alternative hosts can no longer schedule on behalf of that host. Users who need to schedule on behalf of someone else can use scheduling privilege. As an alternative to hosting meetings for which you are authorized, you can give a Licensed User Scheduling Privilege to an Licensed User allowing them to schedule meetings for you. If a meeting is scheduled and the designated alternative host cannot be contacted, another licensed user will be appointed on the same account.

This alternative host can take control of the meeting remotely from the host. You will send an email notification to this user that they have been chosen as an alternative host, allowing you to link into the online meeting. Click the zoom icon to confirm your account. A company member will have the same profile in the same browser. For your e-mail invitation and calendar invitations, click the URL link to start the meeting. You will see a Zoom meeting begin when the Zoom client launches.

Getting an e-mail that the host has failed to initiate this meeting or conference means that the host may have cancelled or delayed it. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. The Zoom mobile app will appear when you log in. Be sure that Video On is toggled at all times. Tap Start Meeting. Click Meetings. In the menu above, click on either the form for setting up a meeting or the form for selecting an existing meeting.

In the Meeting Options area, select Allow participants to join prior to the start time and determine how long they will wait to join so that you are able to set this choice. Click Save. On your Zoom account, click on the Zoom portal icon. Click Schedule a Meeting. The meeting date and time are the best options. A list of any other options is available.

Select one. The schedule a meeting can be found by clicking the Meetings button. The meeting options are available only if the account or group has turned off the off feature.

Note that some of these options might not be accessible if the account or group has turned off the off option. Topic: Pick the topic or name of your meeting you wish to discuss. Save to finish. Take the Zoom app on your phone and open it. Your meeting date and time should be set and noted with the meeting name.

To bring up the meeting controls, click Participants in the Zoom window at the bottom. Click Make Co-Host. A Zoom Meeting? Previous post. Next post. All rights reserved.


How to start a zoom meeting as host and share link – how to start a zoom meeting as host and share l. Canvas @ Yale Help Site


From the additional menu that opens, select the ” Make Co-Host ” option. Click the ” Yes ” button. Repeat steps for each person you want to be a co-host. For more information, please refer to these helpful links: Getting started with Zoom vendor Roles in a meeting vendor Zoom and Academic Continuity at Yale For more help, please contact canvas yale.

Why can’t I remove some students from my course? What is the “Hidden Files” folder in my Files area? How do I allow a student extra time to re submit an assignment submission?

What happened and where do I find their complete essay response? I’m teaching a course but do not see it on my Dashboard. Where is my course? I just posted an Announcement or Inbox message. Toggle Item Who can I invite to my call?

Anyone can join a zoom call that is hosted by a BYU account. Toggle Item How do I share my screen? Zoom will then ask you what you want to share. Toggle Item How do I use the Whiteboard? Toggle Item How do I record a meeting? While in a meeting, select the option on the right of the task bar at the bottom of the window. There are two options: record directly to your computer or record to the cloud.

For more information visit: Recording a Zoom Meeting. Toggle Item How do I add annotations to my video call? This will allow you to draw on your screen, add highlighting, or add images to screen shares. Toggle Item What is a co-host? The host must assign a co-host. Co-hosts cannot start or end a meeting. If a host needs someone else to be able to start the meeting, they can assign an alternative host. For more information visit: Host and co-host controls in a meeting.

Toggle Item How do I host a webinar event? Full-time employees can request access to host webinars or large meetings. If you would like to host a webinar or a meeting of over participants, you must request access.

Please contact IT support for more information. Toggle Item How do I access the recording of my meeting? If you recorded your meeting directly to your computer then it will be in your file system where you had it save to. It will show you a list of your recorded meetings.

Meeting hosts may also choose to explicitly require consent to be recorded via Zoom. We recommend that you inform meeting attendees, prior to a recorded meeting, how you intend to record, use, and share video.

You may also consider giving attendees options to participate without having their image or voice recorded, such as allowing them to attend with no video or audio, and the option to pose questions only in the text chat window. Because you can start and stop recordings in Zoom at any time, you can choose to include unrecorded time throughout your Zoom session, giving attendees an opportunity to discuss topics or ask questions that they do not wish to have recorded. As a general rule, staff meetings should not be recorded absent an articulated business purpose including as a reasonable accommodation that requires recording of the meeting.

Generally, you should not record a meeting if the same meeting would not be recorded if it occurred in person. If a staff meeting is going to be recorded, hosts should inform attendees that the meeting will be recorded in advance of the meeting and also offer attendees the opportunity to opt out of the meeting or to mute their audio and video if they object to the recording of their image or voice.

Please consider whether it is necessary to record the meeting. Bear in mind that the recording becomes a University record that must be stored and retained appropriately and may be subject to disclosure upon request e. If you have specific questions regarding employee disability accommodations in connection with use of Zoom, please consult UC Berkeley Disability Access and Compliance.

We do not sell your personal data. Whether you are a business or a school or an individual user, we do not sell your data. Your meetings are yours. We do not monitor them or even store them after your meeting is done unless we are requested to record and store them by the meeting host.

We alert participants via both audio and video when they join meetings if the host is recording a meeting, and participants have the option to leave the meeting. We have robust and validated access controls to prevent unauthorized access to meeting recordings saved to the Zoom cloud.

Zoom collects only the user data that is required to provide you Zoom services. This includes technical and operational support and service improvement.

We do not use data we obtain from your use of our services, including your meetings, for any advertising.


– Creating a Recurring Zoom Meeting for Academic Courses (Hosts) : IT Solutions Center

Video chat, call, or screen share with anyone, even those outside of BYU. Zoom can record a video of each meeting or webinar including the chat feature. Features include document and desktop sharing. Recordings of meetings On the scheduled day and time, the host will start the Zoom meeting from the Zoom. The host must assign a co-host during the meeting. Co-hosts cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to start the meeting, they can.


It is up to you when you set up a meeting what level of security you require. Here are two basic strategies for all to employ: • Share your meeting link. The host must assign a co-host during the meeting. Co-hosts cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to start the meeting, they can. The host can also allow screen sharing by participants. Options are available by clicking on the up arrow by the Share Screen icon. The host can select the “.

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